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How we started.

The Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund was established in Joanne's name by her family, friends and colleagues shortly after her death to memorialize Joanne in an honorable and befitting manner and to promote a cause she passionately believed in: education.



Our History


We began in 2012, shortly after Joanne's passing and held our first Gala Event in September of 2012.

Since then we have had  3 Golf Tournaments, we are holding a Classic Car Raffle and have awarded several Scholarships.

Through fundraising and generous donations this is going to be a wonderful, long lasting fund. We are making sure that exceptional, hardworking students are able to get the help that they deserve to obtain graduate degrees for many years to come.
Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund
106 S. Great Rd
Lincoln, MA 01773

Please give what you can and help us make a difference for exceptional students who need financial help achieving their academic goals.

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The Joanne Wood Scholarship Fund is a recognized 501(c)(3) charity organization making your donation completely tax deductible.